Monday, July 21, 2008

My Favorite Things

I wanted to make sure I post about things, places, people, etc. that I love to keep it all in one place. Here's the first of many entries...Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to:

THE most yummy body cream on the planet! Jaqua's Buttercream Frosting Sinfully Rich Body Butter to be exact. So yummy that there is a warning label on the packaging requesting that although the cream smells good enough to eat, you really shouldn't do so. When you open up the tub, it almost looks like fluffy buttercream frosting too! I went to a retreat where a liquid fast was part of the experience, and I slathered this stuff on after my showers. Not only was my skin smooth to the touch, but I totally smelled yummy! So much so that when I went to meet up with my fellow retreaters after a midday shower, they all complained that I was torturing them by walking around smelling like cupcakes and frosting.

I came across the product line when I was getting a pedicure at a nail spa in Santa Barbara - where the company is based, and I had to have the entire line and now I have it shipped to me.

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