Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Importance of Peers

I never fully appreciated how important the decision is of choosing who your peer group is - who you choose to spend your time with. Last weekend was UPW LA Live - Unleash the Power Within in Los Angeles Live with Tony Robbins. I was part of the event crew, and the second I walked into the crew room, it felt like I could breathe again for the first time in months. I didn't realize how much I missed being among a group of people who are on the same path to living outstanding lives, to challenge themselves to be the best humans we can possibly be, to strive to find a way to support one another and others who may not necessarily be on the same path. It's truly the most amazing support system to be a part of. I had not recognized that I really had been like the lone soldier out there trying to move mountains, trying to be the example among people who are really frightened to give up their stories, their reasons on why their lives can't be better. I've been giving and giving, and I've not been replenishing my own spirit, asking for my own support. No matter how "together" you are (and let's face it, there is no one that's always "together," even Tony - that's the beauty of being human), it is soooo important to choose your peer group wisely and support one another as you live your life. It is impossible to be truly outstanding without it.

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